The National is a new initiative that brings 30 leading daily regional
newspapers together into one big national media proposition.

The National is a joint venture between Trinity Mirror and four major regional
publishers. It is the first example of industry collaboration to make it simple for national advertisers to
connect with local audiences and tap into the strengths of local media.

Publishing partners include:

Our Titles . Big Scale

The combined footprint of 30 market leading brands allows national advertisers to reach a large
national audience using influential local titles.

They play a key role in their communities and are the first choice for local
news and information.

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Our Audience . Big Spenders

With a combined circulation of over 1.5m and 3.1m daily readers,
The National is the largest national offering in the market.

The titles cover the biggest conurbations and most populated areas of England and Wales and can be
added to on a bespoke basis to cover virtually any area of the UK.

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Creative Solutions . Big Ideas

The National can offer a range of creative solutions to bring your message to life.

Solutions for our advertisers includes bookends, fireplaces, T-shapes,
starburst, XXL inserts, voucher ribbons and many more.

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Copy Details

The National is simple and easy to use with one order, one invoice
and one piece of copy.

The production process is straightforward, click the link below to see the steps

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